Challenge Accepted – Breakout Liverpool

One Thursday night in October, the Unlock Liverpool crew were challenged by game masters and cryptic geniuses Breakout Liverpool to see if we could escape from their most difficult room.

Wanted Breakout Liverpool

Not ones to shy away from a challenge, we quickly accepted and headed down to Breakout Liverpool, around the corner from The Metquater, down some dimly lite steps, to their waiting room, where we frantically played around with rubix cubes to get our heads in the game. Our host greeted us and asked the crucial question:

“Do you guys want to play WANTED as Cowboys or Indians?”

Technically, playing this game as “Indians” trying to break out of a Wild Weston jail cell is apparently the most difficult room there is. A group of journalists, digital marketers and web developers we were well above confident and took on our historic Indian personas.

To start the game, we were briefed by our host and given a quick run through of how they were able to provide a limited amount of clues during the 60 minutes that we had to escape.

Gearing us up for the intense level of concentration that would be required to breakout along with preparing some of our team by handcuffing them and locking them in jail, our confidence began to dip slightly.

15 minutes in, we were still no closer to unlocking any of the 5+ padlocks that were in this first small room.

30 minutes in and feeling the pressure begin to mount, the squabbling began. Friendships quickly thrown to the curb, we demanded answers, yelled at the screen in the corner for clues and hoped that our host would take pity on us and give us a helping hand.

45 minutes in and we’d finally unlocked the first main door and we’d managed to enter what I can only describe as a saloon, adorned with cowboy hats, saddles and other mementos. The bar area was massive and with countless padlocks still left secured to the draws, doors and chains along the floor, our hope to escape had abandoned us completely.

After reading the above, I’m sure you think we were success….

Breakout Liverpool

I’m shocked to announce that the room broke us and we’re still there right now, so if you’re reading this please give @breakoutlpl a shout and ask them to please let us out!!!!

To come and rescue us from our sorry state, visit their website and select a game for up to 5 players at a time. If you manage to escape, we take our cowboy hats off to you my friend!

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