Michael Jaeger Talks to Unlock Liverpool

Michael Jaeger, a local photographer and owner of Pitchagraph talks to Unlock Liverpool

Photography is now a highly desirable skill, with more dynamic images appearing on social media every day, snapping a quick selfie just isn’t going to cut it anymore. I say this, being a keen Instagram enthusiast myself, but when you compare the average foodie post to a piece of art, taken by a professional, there really isn’t any comparison.

In saying this, there is of course every opportunity to improve on your own snapping skills but if you’re looking to create an eye catching image for commercial purposes, you should invest in a skilled and experienced photographer. After all you really do get what you pay for.

Michael Jaeger’s interest in photography started very young. Taking photographs on his very first portable camera on his Game-Boy, Michael’s eye for detail came to life. Now spending his spare time taking high-resolution photography along with the odd doodling in his note book, Michael can’t recall a time when life didn’t revolve around his passion. After studying Fine Art with 3D design at UCLAN, Michael has dedicated his time to building up his experience as a professional photographer.

In his own words, Michael is a weird guy, who can often be found wandering over to a couple basking in the sunlight in Liverpool and asking if he can take their picture. A huge fan of the local architecture, especially in the commercial district, this local self-taught photographer will be organising a Photo Walk, in the near future for amateur photographers looking to improve their own work and meet like minded people. Phone camera enthusiast will also be welcomed to join in so make sure you’re following him on Twitter. .As Michael says, many people prefer experience over qualifications especially when it comes to the art world.

Michael reveals to Unlock Liverpool that his next project will involve street portraiture. Spending a good number of hours looking for inspiring people across the North West, Michael plans to highlight the weird wonderful and quirky people that call Liverpool home.

We are really looking forward to seeing what characters Michael Jaeger will be bringing to life in the launch of his next project. Often spending upwards of 40 hours walking around the city looking for inspiration, its no wonder he has chosen to focus his attention on the people of Liverpool, that as we all know, make this city so iconic.

Michael will also be attending our Halloween event on the 29th of October at 23 Fleet Street as our official photographer. Tickets available to buy here.

For more information about Michael’s new project and to take a look at his latest work, check out his website: www.pitchagraph.com

Also don’t forget to check him out on Instagram



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