Exercise at Home 2020 – Liverpool Isolation Workout

With Liverpool set to be on lockdown for the foreseeable, we ask Liverpool fitness experts for their best tips and tricks to exercise at home.

Exercise at Home

It’s all too easy to give in to the temptation to relax all day and watch TV, snacking from dawn till dusk, but exercise is vital to maintain health both physically and mentally. When you exercise, chemicals like endorphins and serotonin are released which help to improve your mood. Regular exercise can reduce symptoms of stress and anxiety.

So being healthy both physically and mentally means strengthening the mind and the body. Meditation is a fantastic way to focus the mind, but how do you workout from home? Your house might not have a weights, exercise machines and water bottles, but it also doesn’t have opening hours, which means you can workout from home whenever you want.

Now is a fantastic time to work on your fitness and overall wellbeing. Discover a new way to workout during isolation from ab workouts to tone up and strengthen your core, Hiit workouts to burn energy and calories and yoga sessions to focus the mind and increase flexibility.

Hiit Workout at Home

Exercise at home 2020 - Liverpool isolation workout

Valhalla Training Academy is a gym with a difference. Based on Sefton Industrial Estate, these guys specialise in axe throwing, strength training and of course, viking training. 

We asked Lloyd Kenwright from Valhalla Training Academy, What motivates you to workout at home?

“The tool I use to motivate myself is stress. It doesn’t sound like the healthiest of things to use as motivation but I know that if I don’t hit a bag or swing a hammer or mace, then that stress is going to build up. A lot of my training is based more on mental wellness, as my techniques are all very challenging…but at the same time therapeutic.”

Lloyd continued: “And as far as recommending how to find drive thats a hard one! Being motivated to train is easy. You just have to look at a picture of someone in shape and there’s your motivation. The trick is being dedicated and the best way to get dedicated is to enjoy your training. That’s where ‘flow state’ training helps me. Counting reps isn’t the most entertaining thing to do but when you get lost in a mace or hammer routine with some music on you can train all day and everyday and come out better both mentally and physically.”

Feel motivated to exercise from home already? Take a look of Valhalla Training Academy’s Instagram page for some seriously impressive Viking workout ideas: 

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Exercise at home 2020 - Liverpool isolation workout

Hiit workouts are a fantastic way to keep fit and are easily to incorporate into your home exercise routine. Hiit training usually involves heart-raising moves such as star jumps, squats, burpees, planks and mountain climbers.

We asked Hiit exercise experts in Liverpool The ES Lifestyle, why is it important to working at home during Liverpool lockdown?

“There’s no better time than now to try something different, push ourselves and make the most of this time! Keeping our minds and bodies as healthy and active as we can is essential for not only making sure we beat this thing, but to develop us all into better people!”

The ES Lifestyle offers free workout videos live on YouTube as well as plenty of home workout videos for you to try in your own time. 

The ES Lifestyle YouTube Channel for FREE Home Workouts

Here’s one of our favourite exercise at home 2020 workout videos from The ES Lifestyle:

Ab Workouts at Home

Exercise at home 2020 - Liverpool isolation workout

Anxiety and stress is on the rise after weeks of fear and worry relating to Liverpool Coronavirus cases. One way to reduce your stress and anxiety levels during Liverpool lockdown is through yoga. White Wolf Yoga is an award winning yoga studio which has it’s very own YouTube channel to help you enjoy yoga from home. We asked Louise Fitzsimmons from White Wolf Yoga, Why is yoga a great way to workout at home?

“I think it’s fair to say that our lives have been flipped upside down over the last few weeks! Now, more then ever I think it’s really important to try to take some time out of each day to take care of your mental + physical well-being. This strength will really help us through these uncertain times.”

Louise continued: “Daily yoga and meditation does wonders for boosting not only our mental, but also our physical wellbeing; and is scientifically proven (amongst other things) to: improve sleep, reduce stress, boost mood, increase immunity and control anxiety. We have 20+ free on-demand classes for all levels including complete beginners.”

Yoga is a fantastic way to start exercising from home and is a good routine for both early morning and late at night. Whether you’re completely new to yoga or you’ve taken a couple of classes yourself, take a look at White Wolf Yoga’s YouTube channel and enjoy the relaxing and toning benefits of yoga at home.

White Wolf Yoga – Yoga at Home YouTube Videos

Here’s one of our favourite White Wolf Yoga YouTube videos to give you a burst of energy during the day.

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