Junkyard Golf Club unveiled: A Q & A with the owners

If you haven’t heard already (where the hell have you been?!), a nightclub turned crazy golf turned all round adult fun house has come to Liverpool One. This Thursday saw an epic launch party of golf, celebs, sweet shop cocktails and dancing disco balls to celebrate what is set to be an epic new venue, right in the heart of Liverpool.

Arriving at the Junkyard, guests were handed a drink straight away, along with further tokens for epic cocktails, a wristband with a golfing time and a goodie bag containing some signature Junkyard Golf Club merch. As the crowds started to pile in and the epic Carless Whisper wowed the crowds with their contagious music, I stole five minutes to have a quick chat with the brains behind the whole thing – Matt & Sam. 

Sitting down in one of the booths, ahead of what was an epic launch night, i asked Matt and Sam where the idea for Junkyard Golf Club first came about. Matt explained how the idea, going back 4 years, was simply born out of necessity – to make money. The grotty, rundown warehouse that was home to the original Junkyard Golf Club started out as a food market, selling dirty burgers and other street style food. It was popular, until a dry spell with nothing booked in. With an under-utilised warehouse, inspo from some of Berlin’s grungey, UV raves and a love for epic crazy golf, the idea for Junkyard Golf Club was born. Combine this with a need to make money and a low budget and you have a crazy golf course made from discarded skip items and charity shop essentials. The crowd went wild and Junkyard Golf Club was go. Looking round – it was clear the venture had been just slightlysuccessful. 

With Junkyard already residing in London, Leeds, Manchester, Birmingham and now Liverpool, i asked if there were any plans for further expansion and was met with a residing yes, Matt and Sam both explained that they’ll simply open up venues in places where they love to spend time, with Edinburgh, Glasgow and Newcastle all on the radar in the coming year. 

With expansion comes development and with development comes cool new things such as epic cocktails, nachos and hotdogs. With every cocktail on the menu packed full of sweets (and one even with a jammy dodger on the top) i asked the guys what their fave one was, their answer being the Valentine’s special. Drank u, next was launched on Valentine’s day and is a pink fizzy, sweet delight of pink gin, lemon, elderflower and strawberry, strawberry Vimto and lemonade, topped with a lollipop and a mini packet of love hearts. After trying my own, it’s a firm Unlock Liverpool favourite, too.

Junkyard Golf Club is made up of a series of courses for teams to sink their teeth into. With some wacky inventions throughout the venue, my final question enquired about the golf itself, asking Matt & Sam which, in their opinion, was the hardest hole. They both immediately agreed that the ‘Bozo’ course held the hardest title, with one of the holes being either a ‘hole in one or ‘nothing at all’. Do you accept the challenge?
If you haven’t been already then it’s about time you witnessed the craziness of Junkyard Golf Club, so grab some mates and get down to its latest Liverpool hangout, and don’t forget to do it for the ‘gram!

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