How Salt Therapy Can Change Your Life – The Liverpool Salt Cave

We explore Liverpool’s one and only Salt Cave on Duke Street and discover why so many Liverpool famous faces are becoming fans of salt therapy. Owner of The Liverpool Salt Cave , Zoltan Kovacs, talks to Unlock Liverpool about his mission to educate the people of Liverpool about the incredible benefits of salt therapy.

What is Salt Therapy?

Due to Liverpool’s industrial past, the city still suffers from a high level of pollution and conditions such as Asthma and Bronchitis are very common in both young children and adults. Salt therapy originating in Poland, where salt miners were noticeably immune to a number of respiratory illnesses, has become increasingly popular in Liverpool, as a non-invasive natural treatment for a wide range of respiratory and skin conditions. As owner Zoltan explains, Salt Therapy is a powerful, natural treatment delivered through a controlled air medium that simulates the natural healing environment of a salt cave micro-climate. During a 60 minute session visitors relax in a treatment room, where the healing micro-climate is reproduced by an advanced proprietary Salt Cave technology called ‘Breeze Tronic Pro’ that manages and maintains optimal atmospheric conditions throughout the session. The respiratory system is exposed to a specially formulated highly purified form of pharmaceutical grade salt, which works as a natural anti-bacterial, anti-histamine and anti-inflammatory agent on the lungs, bronchial passage and even the skin.  With frequent visits to The Salt Cave in Liverpool, you can expect to see incredible results for both health and well-being.

What are the benefits of Salt Therapy?

Salt is both antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, and when inhaled can also help to loosen excess mucus -which can, if left untreated lead to chest infections, colds and flu. Salt therapy is said to help boost the immune system and reduce your chances of becoming ill. In a number of clinical studies, salt therapy has been proven to help treat and minimise both respiratory and skin conditions.

Who Can Benefit From Salt Therapy?

The Salt Cave in Liverpool has over 4,000 members who visit the city-centre salt cave on a regular basis. Along with a number of famous faces, footballers and local celebrities, if you suffer from Asthma, Bronchitis, Sinusitis, Hay Fever, Cystic Fibrosis, Psoriasis or you find that you’re getting ill with chest or ear infections quite often, you are the ideal candidate to benefit from salt therapy. Even children as young as 6 months old can play in the adorable salt cave den while benefiting from salt therapy.

With a city-centre location and uber-relaxing treatment room, The Salt Cave in Liverpool is a fantastic alternative therapy to try during your lunch hour, after work or during the weekend.

What Effects Should I Expect?

As Zoltan explains, after visiting the Salt Cave in Liverpool, you can expect to notice the following effects, but the more you go, the better you will benefit from salt therapy.

• You will find it much easier to breath

• You won’t feel out of breath quite as often as usual

• You will be able to cough up excess mucus if you have been suffering from this and unable to shift it

• You won’t feel the need to use inhalers as often for respiratory conditions

• Your immune system will be boosted so you won’t catch a cold or flu as easily as before

• If you have skin conditions, you will see improvement

The Salt Cave in Liverpool is now offering a brand new £125 unlimited* monthly membership, with your first session being completely free, enabling you to take full  advantage of the powerful benefits of Salt Therapy as often as you like. For more information head over to their website. 

  1. Hi my name is Melissa mulvey do u have any time scale as to when u will be open I would like to try this woth my son he’s 5 next month and is chronic asthmatic he has several admissions to hospital due to his asthma I’m Thinkin of giving this a try do u have to be a certain age

    1. Hi, thank you for commenting, unfortunately this Liverpool business has closed down now. I really do hope your son’s health improves. I suffer from asthma myself and I am always on the look out for alternative treatments like this. I will let you know should another business such as the salt cave open up in Liverpool.

  2. Please could I have more information. My dad has copd. But he is also very difficult!!! I’d like him to try it. But maybe with my brother. There’s is a site offering a trial visit. Is this something you do?

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