Mobi Set to Transform Liverpool Businesses

Hands up who has checked-in on Facebook to a business while out and about in Liverpool? Ok, how many of you have taken a cheeky snap of your meal while at a restaurant- that’s got to be almost everyone right? Now who of you have worked on a mobile, tablet or laptop in a Liverpool coffee shop or over lunch with friends or colleges? See where we’re going with this one…

There is a clear trend dominating food based businesses up and down the country and the development of smart phones, wifi and freelance/remote working is the main reason for the emerging trend.

If you’re waiting for an important phone call, or you’re on a night out in Liverpool and need to call a taxi or check the times of the last train home, seeing your mobile battery plummet into the red zone is enough to set your heart racing. Knowing that you might end up in the city center with no possible way of checking social media, phoning your mum or calling for a lift home, is a thing of nightmares and can ruin your night as you rush home before it completely dies.

This is where MOBI comes in. A complete game changer when it comes to charging your phone, tablet or laptop.

Coffee and Work Liverpool

MOBI are now launching their portable USB table charger to Liverpool businesses. A portal charging station with point of sale display. MOBI is perfect for Liverpool coffee shops, restaurants and hotels. Designed to keep your customers in your business for as long as possible, the portal charging dock eliminates the need for your customers to say no to that extra cappuccino as they’ll never be without power. Simply look out for the Liverpool businesses with the MOBI sticker in their window and pop in for a quick catch up with friends as you charge your phone or perhaps spend a few hours working from your laptop while you get a caffeine fix.

Mobi in Liverpool

According to the company’s website, prices start from £46.99 with tailor made packages available depending on your business needs. For a small cafe or independent Liverpool business, you may only want 5 MOBI charging docks with a drinks menu display, whereas a larger business may require a unique branded product with interactive touch screen displays. MOBI can provide you with solutions to your commercial charging needs, helping to keep customers in your business for longer than ever before.

For more information about MOBI charging solutions as a Liverpool based business, please visit their website now and request a free consultation with one of their experts, 

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