Death Row Diner in Liverpool

Death Row Diner in Liverpool invited the Unlock Liverpool team to try a lethally delicious meal at their restaurant on Hope Street, opposite the Everyman Theatre. Making our way down the stairs into the red light lit diner, we were greeted by our host and shown to our table, next to a row of former inmate mug shots.

Death Row Diner Milkshakes Liverpool

Starting with deep fried lasagna bites and salt and pepper calamari with were served quickly and each dish came in a prison style tinfoil container- well the prison guards aren’t exactly going to roll up their sleeves and start washing up, now are they! Sipping on a salted caramel pretzel milkshake in classic American red cups, we waited for our main course.

Liverpool Death Row Diner

I have never seen a piece of steak so thick before! The 14 oz American strip loin served with asparagus spears and buttered corn from Death Row Diner in Liverpool is the ultimate dish for the carnivores among us. Tucking in to the thick and juicy steak was so satisfactory, although I have got to admit I could hardly finish the whole piece. If that wasn’t enough, we still had a side of Buffalo cauliflower and French fries to get through. Death Row Diner has really captured the essence of American food. Butter, Steak and Milkshakes. This epic combination almost defeated our team. If you love burgers, steaks and milkshakes, be sure to check this place out. This has got to be an absolute favourite among Liverpool students.

We want to thank Death Row Diner for inviting our the Unlock Liverpool team down to enjoy an American meal inspired by those on death row. You’ve mastered the theme and it really gives the overall diner experience something extra.

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