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We all feel guilty when ordering a takeaway after work. You’re tired, maybe a little stressed out and it’s so easy to give-in and order food straight to your door, but what if we told you that you could enjoy the convenience of a takeaway with the nutritional value of home-cooked food? Say hello to HomeCookedUK, a brand new food delivery app supporting Liverpool foodies, chefs and home-cooks.

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Finally, you can enjoy the taste of freshly prepared homemade food without having to put in any time or effort. We think you deserve to sit back and relax after a long day in the office and enjoy delicious food, and now you can thanks to HomeCookedUK. Not only will this free to download app allow you order healthy and homemade food to your front door, but by using HomeCookedUK, you are also supporting your local community. The beauty of this platform, is that up and coming food enthusiasts in and around Liverpool can use this app to leverage themselves in the Liverpool food scene, showcasing their talent and passion for food while delighting locals and developing a loyal customer base. This is a fantastic opportunity for both amateur and professional chefs in Liverpool who may be looking to open their own restaurant in the near future, and the app itself has opened up a whole new world of food for Liverpool locals to explore without ever having to leave the comfort of their own homes.

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Download HomeCookedUK and get ready to taste your way through our beautiful city.


“Great app, it works very efficiently and is easy to use. I cook, I press, I give food and I get paid; that is perfect. I like making new recipes and it’s nice to receive good feedback –it’s something that I would usually be doing but getting money for it it’s always a plus!” R.M

At the moment, the app gives Liverpool a fresh and homemade taste of Italy with fantastic Mediterranean dishes, or for a more exotic meal, browse through the many Thai, Malaysian and Indian dishes available and choose something you fancy tonight. There are also plenty of vegan and vegetarian friendly dishes too! Plus due to interest from Liverpool home-cooks, chefs and foodies, there will also be many more food options to choose from very soon, which makes this app even more exciting!

Liverpool Food App HomeCookedUK

On top of this, HomeCookedUK ensure that all chefs or home cooks, selling their food through the app, hold a hygiene certificate and have registered their premises with the local council, so you know you are ordering fresh, delicious, healthy homemade food from a clean and hygienic space. Available to download on Android via Google Play and IOS through the App Store, you can enjoy freshly prepared meals in Liverpool within minutes. The app is completely free to download so why not spoil yourself and order some of Liverpool’s finest food to your dinner-table tonight. Get £10 off your first order in Liverpool with code UNLOCKLIV10 exclusively to Unlock Liverpool.

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