New Social Isolation Game – Treasure of the Aztecs

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Bored at home during social isolation? Get ready for Treasure of the Aztecs.

Escape room game creators, Escape Hunt, have developed a series of detective games that you can play during social isolation. To test your intuition, understand the inner workings of a criminal mind and solve a series of puzzles, start with their first at home game, Stolen.

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Play Stolen First

Ready for a brand new challenge? With the success of Stolen, Escape Hunt have now launched The Treasure of the Aztecs. Get ready to take on the ultimate adventure at home, as you race against the clock on an unforgettable treasure hunt.


Here’s the storyline: 

A team of archaeologists at the Mexico City Museum have uncovered a treasure trove of ancient texts and on close inspection, it looks like they point the way to Emperor Montezuma’s legendary lost treasure.

But the texts won’t give up their secrets easily, only the greatest minds of our age stand a chance at unraveling them… The race is on to crack the texts and make the find of the century.

Will you discover a gold hoard beyond your wildest imagination?

Play The Treasure of the Aztecs

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Ready to Play?

Treasure hunters will be taken back in time to locate Montezuma’s, the last emperor of the Aztec’s, lost treasure. Turn your hand to deciphering ancient Aztec riddles, sift through clues from the Age of Discovery, and you might just uncover the historical find of the century- gold hoard beyond your wildest imagination.

What you need?

  • Details
  • Printer
  • Device – phone, tablet, laptop etc
  • Internet connection
  • A Facebook account

Like Stolen, this is an immersive 60-90 minute experience suitable for 1 to 6 players and aged 8+. This social isolation game can be played within a household or via video chat, so are perfect for friends and families or colleagues looking to connect. Have some social isolation style fun and download The Treasure of the Aztec’s now for £14.99 per game.


Play The Treasure of the Aztecs

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