Month: June 2017

VR Here Liverpool

Enter the World of Virtual Reality

Have you experienced, fully immersive virtual reality in Liverpool? No- what on earth are you waiting for? VR Here  based in Liverpool city-centre offers a range of incredible VR games from first shooter…

Whats on in Liverpool in July

What’s On in Liverpool in July 2017?

Find out what is going on in Liverpool in July 2017. Entertain the little ones at Liverpool’s Pier Head Village or head to Liverpool’s International Music Festival and chill-out in Sefton Park. July is going to be a busy month in Liverpool.

Sgt Pepper Turns 50 in Liverpool

When you think about Liverpool, there is no doubt in my mind that you won’t immediately think of the inspirational local legends that formed The Beatles. It’s not just because they were from Liverpool and made in big in the music industry that they are remembered and much loved throughout Liverpool, but more that they successfully managed to put our great city on the international stage for all the right reasons and even after 50 years, we are still hugely grateful.

One Night in Rio

Unlock Liverpool Presents Brazilian Carnival

If you’re in Liverpool this August and you’re wondering where to go, especially at night, Unlock Liverpool have got something pretty special in store for you this summer. On Saturday the 5th…