Beneath the Depths of Breakout in Liverpool

Late Saturday night, I and my sturdy crew took it upon ourselves to hunt high and low for Captain Silver’s string of pearls amongst the shipwreck of Breakout in Liverpool. With a bit of whisky and coke, we plucked up the courage to approach this city-centre attraction and challenged ourselves with an hour of mind games, stress, and teamwork.

Shipwrecked and Strong Willed- Breakout in Liverpool

Breakout in Liverpool offers a range of cryptic rooms, each with their own particular theme and storyline. You can transport yourself into a world, where you are the only thing between a catastrophic missile strike, or perhaps you’re a novice secret agent- who’s training is finally being put to the test, or in our case, we were a sturdy crew of treasure hunters, brave enough to shake off the fears of Captain Silver’s ghost, and with a bit of luck, clever enough to find his hidden treasure before he returns from the depths of Davey Jone’s locker!

We headed down after 9pm on Saturday night and handed over our 15 pieces of silver to have the opportunity to put our skills and IQ to the test. Our guide, a maiden with flaming red hair took us to our room and helped to build up the atmosphere and then locked us inside a dark room with only small lanterns to lead our way.


Breakout Liverpool

60 Minutes to Breakout in Liverpool

The clock began to tick, tock, tick and each one of us, confident we would work as a team, began to run around frantically trying to pull things off the walls, search for hidden codes, and shout out anything that even remotely looked like it was important, in a desperate hope the others would understand.


Breakout Liverpool

Could Unlock Liverpool Breakout?

This was not how we planned to crack open the hidden treasure chest. Getting back together we recapped on what we’d found, what clues we had and what locks we needed to open. It was almost as if our guide was watching over us when a bell chimed and an official clue was given. Still unsure we were on the right tracks, we grabbed what we’d found and finally opened the first lock. One of many more.

After locks, flags, treasure and skeletons, we entered another haunted realm. Working finally together, we quickly unlocked and found the last clues and our captain grabbed the beautiful string of pearls from Captain Silver’s treasure chest and we burst through the door, souls still intact but stress levels high.

Breakout Liverpool

Challenge Yourself at Breakout in Liverpool

Breakout in Liverpool is a fantastic way to spend an evening. Whether you start your night off with an hour of mind games and teasers or you leave it ’till later when darkness is approaching and nothing is quite how it seems, one thing is for sure, you’re going to have an incredible night, not to be forgotten for a long time. Hope to return very soon!

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