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Juicing, meal prepping and hitting the gym in the early hours is just a couple of ways that we are trying to get in shape for summer. Whether you love cardio, have taken up the odd yoga class or you’re guilty of shopping in your gym kit, there is only so many times you can stick to the same workout routine without getting bored. One of the key ways to make sure you stick to your fitness routine is to mix things up a little bit. Liverpool offers a number of alternative ways to keep active, meet new people and burn up those extra calories. Awesome Walls is an incredible way to keep fit and have fun.

Conquer Your Fitness Routine at Awesome Walls

Awesome Walls in Liverpool is home to hundreds climbing routes from ultimate beginner to advanced, designed to challenge your survival skills to the extreme. Grab a friend and head down after work and strengthen your core, build and tone your arms and legs and learn how to put your trust in not only the equipment but your friend, holding the ropes at the bottom of the wall.


Awesome Walls Climbing Center Liverpool

The Cost of Becoming a Climbing Enthusiast 

From as little as £19 you can book an adult taster session at Awesome Walls, which is perfect for beginners or those who haven’t been climbing for a while. A taster session will provide you with all the essential equipment you will need and your own private instructor. Starting with the basics, you will be taught how to tie a figure 8 knot, throw on your own harness and secure it, as well as support your climbing partner as they climb above your head and towards the gothic arches that adorn this former church.


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Boulder Above and Beyond in Liverpool

Bouldering is a brilliant way to keep in shape and work on your core. Starting at ground level, bouldering requires you to use your strength, flexibility, and logic as not all holds are designed to be gripped in a particular way. Some holds may deceivingly look like they are meant to be held with the left hand, yet to climb the route as it was designed, you may find using your right hand gives you the stability needed to lift up your weight and stretch across and above your head, in order to feel for the next hold. You can easily waste half a day on one particular route, taking it in turns to see who can conquer the wall.


Climbing in Liverpool

Awesome Walls in Liverpool

Climbing like many physical activities will help reduce stress and release endorphins, meaning spending a couple of hours at Awesome Walls can only leave you feeling refreshed both physically and mentally. Parking on site and open weekdays till 10pm, if you’re looking for a great way to burn those extra pounds, whilst mixing up your workout routine, hit Awesome Walls in Liverpool.

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