Top 10 Alternative Activities in Liverpool

Can’t think of anything to do in Liverpool this weekend? Here are 10 alternative activities for those seeking something slightly out of the ordinary.

Having lived in Liverpool my whole life, you soon run out of ideas of what to do at the weekend. Yes, you can head out and paint the town red, or blue for all the Everton fans out there, but after a while, this Friday night obsession tends to get a little dull. If you’re looking for an alternative way to spend your weekend in Liverpool, check out my top 10 alternative activities.

Boulder Above and Beyond

Awesome Walls and The Climbing Hanger in Liverpool is only a short drive from the city centre but can easily be reached by train. Both rock climbing centres offer excellent climbing facilities to let you Bear Grylls your weekend away.

Awesome Walls is situated in a 150-year-old converted church, offering one thousand square metres of wall to scale across. The Climbing Hanger challenges even the most experienced of boulders, with its many complex routes and tiny footings and tests your ability to solve a difficult climb with your mind, body and soul.

Prices start from as little as £5 with a student discount and you can enjoy hours of fun hurling yourself up a rockface whilst your friend is attached to the other end of the rope. Can you put your trust in your climbing partner and scale high to conquer the pinnacle? I dare you to try it out!

Turtle Bay Liverpool

Dine on Turtles 

If you enjoy sampling new restaurants, cafes and patisseries dotted around the city, it’s worth checking out Turtle Bay in Liverpool. The Carribean chain restaurant has an eclectic laid back decor with a menu to match. Try the curried goat, the meat is tender and is served with deep fried dumplings. Team it with a peanut butter milkshake and you’ll thank us later.

92 Degrees Coffee LiverpoolAdd Mini Marshmallows 

There are plenty of coffee houses across Liverpool to meet the growing demand for high-quality coffee on-the-go, but one that really takes it’s beans seriously is 92 Degrees Coffee, located in the Old Blind School, opposite to The Philharmonic Hall. This sophisticated coffee shop offers not only refined and Ethiopian coffee but also one of the best hot chocolates in the city and a personal favourite of mine. Topped with a helping of cream and a handful of mini marshmallows, this is the perfect way to warm up when we inevitably get a wet weekend.

Jump Nation LiverpoolReach Dizzying Heights

If you enjoy keeping fit and are looking for an alternative way to burn last night’s takeaway head down to Brunswick Dock and bounce into action with Jump Nation. This incredible new business and sprung up in Liverpool, offering a massive trampoline park ideal for little ones as well as adults. Propel yourself into the air and experience this new fitness craze for as little as £15 per person.

Sunday BreakfastBreakfast like Kings

There is nothing better than picking up some finer ingredients at the weekend and preparing an indulgent breakfast together. Grab some cream cheese, bagels, a punnet of blackberries and raspberries, fresh mint, pancakes, a large tub of Greek yoghurt and in a matter of minutes you could be enjoying this naughty lazy Sunday breakfast, as you contemplant your last day of freedom before Monday swiftly arrives.

Wake Boarding LiverpoolWake Board Yourself Happy 

For all the extreme sports enthusiasts, Liverpool accommodates you perfectly. If you fancy yourself as a watersport competitor, take to the waves at Industry 1. If you were inspired by last year’s Redbull Wake Boarding Competition, this is the perfect way to achieve some serious adrenaline.

Berry and Rye LiverpoolSneak Into a Speak Easy

Mission: Locate Berry & Rye 

Behind an unmarked door, close to Bold Street and China Town, there is a secret club. A bar that only few can enter. Knock once and wait to see if you’ve found the right place. If you’re lucky, you’ll be rewarded in the way of smoky cocktails and rum.

Horse Riding in LiverpoolGet Back in the Saddle

Take a trip or should I say gallop down memory lane with adult horse riding lessons, available across the North West. Approximately 30 minutes from the city centre, you can explore the windswept woods of Formby and book a 30minute or 1-hour horse riding class at one of the many local stables.

Albert Dock LiverpoolLock Away Your Heart

If you wander down to the Albert Dock you’ll come across hundreds of romantic gestures, clinging to the rusty chains of the dock wall. Lock away your heart by adding your own padlock to the chain and embrace the passion that enthrals this grand city. You can’t deny that all of us here, are helpless romantics at heart.

Breakout in LiverpoolChallenge Yourself to Escape 

Not for anyone who suffers from claustrophobia, Breakout in Liverpool is a thrilling interactive game designed to challenge your logic, test your ability to think outside the box and most of all your stress levels. Work as a team and escape before it’s too late! This is a great indoor activity that will waste hours of your time, while you argue, laugh and compete to escape.


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