Liverpool to Host International Business Festival

This year, Liverpool has been given the honour of hosting the International Business Festival, which will take place on the 13th of June to the 1st of July.

Liverpool is home to a community of entrepreneurs, independent business owners, investors and success hungry graduates. A small city crammed with a competitive marketplace for new business.

The festival will see business owners and investors from 90 countries from around the world, travel to Liverpool to attend the event and meet local business owners and professionals who want to expand and grow their own businesses.

If you are a small independent business in Liverpool or based around the north-west, you should definitely be attending this international event in order to network and make valuable connections that could potentially help your company reach international markets and appeal to a range of new customers.

Financially Secure Companies Should Attend the Official Opening

13th of June

Official Opening

The official opening of the IFB2016 will take place on the 13th of June by VVIP member of HM Government at the Festival Marketplace at the Exhibition Centre in Liverpool. This will be, according to their website, the biggest international festival of business in 2016 and guests will be encouraged to network and make as many connections as possible.

There will also be an opening dinner which will be hosted by a VVIP Senior Government Official and include an official presentation, on the short-term economic forecast for the UK. The event will make way for over 500 business and global influences who will be celebrating the opening of the IFB2016 and preview the forthcoming highlights of the formal events programme.

You can register for the official opening on the IFB website. A table of 10 will cost £1,212 but for larger companies this investment may pay off if you meet and network with the right individuals.

Liverpool TEDx Perfect for Small Business Owners

For smaller business owners in Liverpool, you should register for the Liverpool TEDx event that will take place on the 26th of June, from 9am to 5pm.

Ted Talk enthusiasts will be pleased to know that a new TEDx will explore the digital world of independent business marketing and discuss the issues of a globalising world, where we are all under increasing pressure to constantly adapt and deliver in order to meet escalating demand. This will be a rare opportunity for delegates to focus their own marketing strategies towards the digital sector that will undoubtedly shape the way consumers hear about your business, experience your service and product and feedback and share with their online community.

You can register for TEDx Liverpool here.

29-30th of June

Gateway2Enterprise for Investment Seekers

This two-day event is designed to support business in the UK and to explore the variety of finance options and services that are currently available to them. The talk will discuss equity, debt, crowdfunding and the angel investor. Those who are interested in learning more will be able to sign up to the free membership platform to receive a weekly newsletter and a premium membership allows you to use other services and facilities to support the growth of your business. The group also run workshops and networking events across the UK which members will be able to attend.

For business owners who are looking for investment, by submitting a pitch you can attempt to secure yourself part of the £2m investment that the team have just secured. Limited places are available to pitch, so they encourage anyone who wishes to, to submit their pitch as soon as possible. For more information please take a look at their site:

The International Festival of Business is set to help local business owners in Liverpool grow, network and focus on the potential of international trade. The north of England has been dubbed the Northern Powerhouse by Chancellor George Osborne and so you should take full advantage of this incredible business event and make 2016 your busiest and most successful year to date.

The full schedule of the International Festival of Business Event can be found here:



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