5 Gems of Lark Lane in Liverpool

Lark Lane is a quirky street off Sefton Park in Aigburth, home to a variety of independent eateries, bars, and shops. We take a closer look at what Lark Lane has to offer. 

Moon and Pea Lark Lane Liverpool

The Moon and Pea on Lark Lane

Sieve your way through The Moon & Pea’s wide selection of board games, over a late night coffee and indulgent dessert. This laid back coffee shop offers some serious comfort food whilst occupying a cozy, quiet corner off Lark Lane. Take a quick look at what they have to offer. 

Gelato Lark Lane Liverpool

Gelato- Premium Liverpool Ice Cream

When we see the sun high in the sky, we can’t help but head down to Sefton Park. As you make your way there, treat yourself to two scopes of the finest artisan ice cream in the city. Our favourite has got to be the understated pistachio or the rich Raspberry Pavlova. Good news, they’re open till 8pm. Pick your favourite here.

Meat Factory Liverpool

Meat Factory is Delicious

Longing for a juicy quarter pounder? Go big or go home guys, if you’ve got cravings for seriously good beef, you’ve got to go American, with the Meat Factory on Lark Lane. Challenge yourself with the Brooklyn Big Ass, loaded with double bacon, cheese, pulled pork, potato pancake, salad and slaw. Cancel any plans you had afterwards, you’ll be good for nothing. Don’t forget to check them out on Twitter: @MeatFactoryLiv

Raggas Liverpool

Raggas in Liverpool

If you can bear the heat, excite your taste buds and sample authentic Caribbean food, served by this unique family run restaurant. Having recently opened another restaurant on Bold Street, there is no stopping this fiery little independent from awakening our love of spice. Take a look at what these guys have to offer.

Esteban Liverpool

Esteban, Spain Meets Lark Lane

Grab a group of friends and order almost everything on the menu at Esteban on Lark Lane. Specialising in Spanish tapas, start with Pan Fresco, warm crusty bread with a side of extra virgin olive oil and a good splash of sweet balsamic. Follow with Chorizo con Miel, which is cooked in a hearty rosemary honey and wash it all down with a glass of Rose Sangria, sweet vermouth, brandy, fresh mixed fruit topped with lemonade. Check out their tapas menu here.


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  1. You forgot us at Arabesque! We are a Moroccan bistro and bazaar, independently owned and run by a small dedicated and friendly team xx

    1. Hi guys, thanks for commenting! We’d love to check you out next time we are around Sefton Park! Tweet us @UnlockLiverpool and let us know when to pop by!

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