George’s Great British Kitchen Liverpool

If you’re looking for the best restaurant in Liverpool for classic British dishes such as fish & chips, steak & chips or even a delicious beef burger with a helping of coleslaw George’s Great British Kitchen in Liverpool is the place to go.

We had the privilege to review this Liverpool restaurant’s British themed menu and we were surprised at how creative the restaurant has been by transforming classic dishes into works of art. Mixing traditional elements of British food, they have designed a menu that is a feast for the eyes as well as stomach. Be warned though, you will leave feeling full and truly satisfied.

There is something so comforting about fish and chips. Bringing back memories of childhood in Liverpool, this dish is loved by many in the city and is hugely popular with tourists too. At George’s Great British Kitchen in Liverpool, you are transported back in time, to an era of traditional English food and reading the newspaper at the kitchen table. In fact, the menu itself has been cleverly designed as a newspaper, in keeping with the British theme.

Mushy peas is of course a must when enjoying fish and chips but at George’s Great British Kitchen you can order a starter of mushy pea fritters. Homemade, these bad boys are coated in a seaweed crumb and lovingly drizzled with a creamy horseradish mayonnaise.

For our main course, we order the Traditional Finest Scottish Haddock which is served with twice cooked chips, mushy peas and tartare sauce. Squeezing over the wedge of lemon and drizzling red wine vinegar over the chips, the dish is what I call comfort food and the portion sizes are very generous.

We also ordered the T-bone 28-day aged steak served medium rare with chips and onion rings. This dish is ideal for any meat lovers and you’ll be shocked at the size of the steak.

To compliment the food, we ordered two of the restaurant’s signature cocktails including a mocktail. When it comes to non-alcoholic drinks, we often find that they’re a bit of an after-thought for most Liverpool restaurants but not at George’s Great British Kitchen in Liverpool. The Green, with pineapple juice, mint and topped with fresh pineapple was one of the best mocktails we’ve had so far in the city! For those who love the something sweet, choose a Sweet Shop cocktail such as the Parma Violet, which tastes exactly like the retro sweets of my childhood. You can check out the George’s Great British cocktail menu here.

The seating area in this restaurant is comfortable and relaxed with some tables on ground level and others slightly higher for a more intimate dining experience. The staff are both attentive and friendly, so the perfect setting for a family meal. We want to say a massive thank you to the team at George’s Great British Kitchen in Liverpool for inviting us down for dinner. We had a brilliant time and will be back very soon to taste some of your intriguing desserts, as we were simply too full to order any on the night.

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