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The time has finally come for the cobbles of Bold Street to get its very own pie shop. A traditional meal of pie, mash and mushy peas transports Bold Street into its yesteryears when this delicious dish was a lunchtime staple for many. Well, now it’s back and this time the menu has a modern twist adhering to some of our favourite foodie trends, whilst its interior dons quirky wooden benches, neon lights and an open kitchen. Ladies and gents, I introduce to you, Pie Minister Liverpool in all of its glory, soft serve Sundae’s and all.


Pie Minister Liverpool

The guys at Pie Minister were kind enough to invite us down for an after work feast and, scanning the menu during the post-lunch slump, we were excited to see that whilst they do offer your traditional steak and ale and chicken and mushroom flavours, Pie Minister have mashed things up a bit (pardon the pun) and thrown in goats cheese and sweet potato, a spicy Mexican bean number, a Sag Paneer filling complete with mango chutney and even a delicious sounding Vegan option, to ensure that each and every pie lover is catered to. Wanting to stay traditional but also being a lover of Indian food, we went for one Hurrikane (British beef steak and potatoes with red wine and smoked paprika) as well as the Sag Pie Neer (a traditional, cheesy Indian dish encased in shortcrust pastry).


Pie Minister Liverpool Review

Pie Minister Liverpool’s menu has a fair few options and essentially allows you to build your own dish from the menu options. For a pie complete with mushy peas, cheddar mash and crispy shallots, you can order the Mothership at £9.95. For a simple pie and side you can expect to pay £7.95. Side options include smoky baked beans, mac and cheese, fries, mash, onion rings and slaw. We opted for one Mothership, one pie and baked beans and ordered a side of Halloumi because, cheese.


Pie Minister in Liverpool

The pies arrived quickly and we didn’t hesitate in digging in. The Sag pie neer sat on top of a mound or cheesy mash and was covered in minty mushy peas making for an interesting marriage of both best of British and Indian flavours. Inside, were creamy chunks of paneer, wilted spinach and that unmistakeable sweet and salty tang of mango chutney. The deliciously smoked beans came separate to the Hurrikane pie, which also sat along side a generous pile of skin-on-fries. Much to our delight, a huge helping of yummy, thick gravy accompanied both. The Hurrikane contained pieces of well-cooked beef, potato and plenty of roasted red peppers. The flavours of both the pies were excellent and clearly well thought out. The red wine inside the Hurrikane really complemented the rich flavours of the beef, making for an amazing pie. Despite both dishes being satisfying, the only criticism id say was that they were perhaps not as fresh as they could have been, with the pastry being a little on the chewy side. This did not, however, take away from the glorious and inventive flavours we experienced with every bite.


Pie Minister Liverpool Menu

Of course, you do visit Pie Minister in Liverpool to try their pies, but if you’re not a fan of pastry, there are also alternative dishes, using the same delicious ingredients. If you have a sweet tooth and any room for dessert, their soft serve is an absolute must try. Choose from a variety of flavours in a simple cone or tub or pick from one of their own sundae creations. We chose their Chocwork Orange which was deliciously chocolatey ice cream, tonnes of chocolate sauce, a tangy orange marmalade and even segments of chocolate orange on the top, all served in an edible conde, fashioned to look like a pie base. Wonderful.

Currently one of its kind in Liverpool City Centre, Pie Minister Liverpool is 100% worth a shot. Although paying homage to the humble pie, with a variety of menu options, this place is a lot more than just that!

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